Full Stack Developer

The Garden City, Singapore

I'm Kohodai J. Dada, an entrepreneur and Full Stack Developer based in the beautiful Garden City of Singapore. I absolutely love what I do and I have been in the UI/UX, coding and data space for over 15 years.

I own and operate multiple online business which keep me busy most days. Occasionally, individuals, companies, government departments and diplomatic missions hire me to design, plan & implement quality technology and design solutions for them.

Away from work, I love being a dad, coding, technology, design, art, food (eating and cooking, but mostly eating), culture, travel, sport and being awesome (kidding).


I design and build software, websites, apps and information systems that are intuitive, elegant and a joy to use.


I put myself in your shoes to fully understand how your organisation works and then I develop the code that runs your systems.


I take the time to understand your information needs and then I design systems that manage all aspects of your data.

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